What is Payforit?

Payforit is a simple and safe way for mobile consumers to purchase online digital content and services such as videos and music, with the cost being charged to their mobile phone bill or deducted from their prepaid balance. With all costs and details clearly displayed before you make your purchase, it offers a quick and convenient way to pay for low cost content and services.

How safe is Payforit?

Payforit is a safe way to buy goods and services online. With no need to provide your credit/ debit card or personal details, there is no possibility of your billing information being passed on to any other company and no unauthorised charges can be added to your phone bill.

Do I need to register for Payforit?

There is no registration process or need to sign up with the merchant or your mobile network for using Payforit, you can simply use it when and where you see the Payforit logo. You also don’t need to download anything to use Payforit, although you will need to be able to browse mobile internet sites from your handset to be able to access the sites that accept Payforit as a payment option.

If you are browsing over the mobile internet, Payforit automatically detects your number from your mobile network as soon you reach the payment page so you don’t have to enter it in. If you’re browsing using broadband or WiFi, you will either be asked to enter your mobile number or to send a code to a number shown on screen.

Do I need to pay anything for using Payforit?

There are no additional charges for using Payforit, you only pay the price of the content/ service you are purchasing. Payforit has initially been designed to support low value transactions (‘micropayments’), typically under £30 per day.

Please note, mobile data charges may apply for browsing or downloading in accordance with your Mobile Operator data tariff.

Have I used Payforit?

Your transaction will appear on your bill either as a Payforit item or as a purchase from a particular merchant depending on the network provider. If you are in doubt refer to the text receipt for the purchase or to the site you used to make the purchase where you will be able to find the merchant’s contact details and their customer support service details.

Depending on how you are connected to the internet (mobile network or broadband) you will be presented with either a 1 step or 3 step payment screen where you will be asked to input your phone number or send a code to a number shown on screen. Once you authorise the payment, a request is sent to your mobile network operator and the cost is applied to your next phone bill or deducted from your existing credit.

How do I get Customer Support?

If you are unhappy with the purchase of the digital content or service, you need to contact the customer service number stated on the Payforit screen, merchants’ website or on the SMS receipt issued when you made your transaction.

If you are unable to find the contact details after you have made a transaction, you should:

Step 1: browse the site you made the purchase from as the customer service details should be available without you having to make a repeat purchase

Step 2: if you have been unsuccessful you can contact the customer service teams of your mobile network operator who will be able to provide you with the details of the merchant or payment intermediary using the transaction information on your bill

If you have made a purchase but have not received the content/ service, you will need to contact the customer service number for the merchant as soon as possible.

How do Subscription payments work?

Payforit can be used to pay for subscriptions to online content/ services where you will be charged on a recurring and regular basis. Using Payforit to pay for subscriptions will never be misleading as you will be made fully aware of what you are subscribing to as well as the cost and the frequency of payments. You will also be reminded of your subscriptions at regular intervals by text message and will be given instructions on how to cancel your subscription. To stop a subscription at any time you can activate the STOP button without incurring a premium rate charge. Texts are charged at your standard network rate.

Which Networks support Payforit?

Payforit is available on all UK mobile networks, as well as some virtual (MVNO) operators such as, Lebara and Virgin. Any UK based mobile number is supported.

Will I receive unwanted text messages after making a purchase?

A number of retailers use SMS messages to follow up on your purchase and to offer promotions and discounts etc. If they want to contact you after you complete your purchase, they may only do so if you have given your consent when you made your purchase. If you have not given consent or you wish to stop these messages you can use the STOP button which will not be charged at the premium rate. Under the Code of Practice, once the STOP button has been used the merchant must stop using marketing messages.

How do I make a complaint?

Payforit only controls the payment processing element of the transaction and is not a registered company that you can contact. If you are unhappy with the purchase of the digital content or service:

Step 1) Contact the customer service number stated on the Payforit screen, merchants’ website or on the SMS receipt issued when you made your transaction

Step 2) Escalate the matter to your network provider

Step 3) If you remain unhappy with the outcome of your complaint contact PhonepayPlus

I’ve been charged a different amount

If the amount shown on your bill differs from the amount you confirmed on your mobile handset, please check your transaction text receipt and then contact the merchant you purchased the service from.

What is the contact number shown on my payment receipt?

This is the contact number of the merchant you have purchased from and paid using Payforit. If you have a problem with your purchase, you can use this number to resolve the issue with the merchants’ customer services department.

What should I so if my payment doesn’t go through?

You will see a screen that tells you that your transaction has failed and in most instances you will be given a failure reason. It should also indicate that you have not been charged. It is possible that you are either a pay monthly customer who has reached their credit limit, you are a pay as you go customer who needs to top up or your network operator may be experiencing a temporary billing outage. In the latter case, you should try to make the purchase again. If the problem continues contact your network operator

Who can use Payforit?

Payforit can be used by anyone in the UK who owns a mobile phone and has credit.